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Get real and vetted manufacturers and suppliers & avoid dealing with bad suppliers. 

Our experts

Bernadett is our co-founder and General Manager of Asia InWest. She runs the daily operation in our sourcing office.

Bernadett Balogh

Kat Yip is our seasoned Merchandise Manager. She runs all merchandising and processing and order follow up. 

Kat Yip

Kris is a seasoned Merchandiser. She takes care of sourcing projects and finds the right supplier for you. 

Kris Lou

Salina is our newest team member. Her speciality is sourcing and order follow up.

Salina Wu

Manuel is a co-founder and has been living and working in Hong Kong since 2005. He is also the founder of

Manuel Becvar

our expertise


Our skilful and experienced merchandisers source all kinds of item that you need according to your requirements for a flat-rate within no time. Our simple step-by-step process will help you find new and trustworthy suppliers. Our process covers everything you need to get your products from China to Amazon, Shopify, your own warehouse or anywhere you need it.


We've sourced and shipped for hundreds of Amazon eCommerce sellers and have vast experience with all Amazon marketplaces. We know all there is to know in terms of compliance, customs, labelling & Amazon Terms of Services.


We've been on the ground in China for more than 12 years. Our Western management understands the needs of western minded customers and sellers. In addition to that our local and Chinese speaking team takes care of the cultural side in China.

Some of our clients


Product Sourcing

Avoid dealing with bad suppliers with our product sourcing service. We will match your product needs with certified suppliers who produce quality products and follow regulations.

Product Photography

Bring your products to life and attract new customers with our product photography service. Our photographers are highly experienced in creating stunning images for both E-commerce and Amazon sellers.

Translation Service

We offer quality, fast and efficient translation of 9 European languages to ensure your business goes without sharing your focus with time-consuming, native language knowledge demanding works.

Travel arrangement

There are quite a lot of administrative tasks and time consuming searching around a business trip arrangement that you can simply save by contacting us. Define all your expectations whether it is a regular business travel or an exhibition and we find the most convenient way for your European residency/stay.

Language courses

Are you eager to develop your skills in Mandarin or Hungarian? We can help you to a better understanding with Chinese partners in daily business life in order to achieve smoother cooperation. We offer one - to - one courses as well as group courses for adults and children in the venue chosen by our client.

Free Import Guides

Importing can be a hassle! When importing to a new country, you have to deal with duties, regulations, and other procedures. Our free import guides will give you all the information you need to help make your brand successful - anywhere in the world!


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